About The Biggest  Help

Our Mission

Setup by its parent company, simplyweight, The Biggest Help seeks to alleviate hunger in all its forms. From hunger stemming from absolute poverty and food insecurity to hunger caused by hormonal and emotional imbalances. To learn more about simplyweight, click here.


A little background

Our experience has taught us that mismanaged hunger is the root cause of obesity, diabetes and related conditions. In our efforts to address hunger, we cannot help but look at both sides of the coin. A staggering 800 million people across the world do not have enough food to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The vast majority are in developing countries, where almost 13% of the population is undernourished.

Sadly, the developed world also has to deal with this serious problem. For example, the United Kingdom is the world’s sixth largest economy but the UN estimates that over 8 million people in the UK are food insecure. Britain has one of the highest levels of child hunger for any developed nation, with 500,000 children going to school hungry each day. Among the affected are families with children under 18, where 1 in 4 parents have had to skip meals due to lack of food and students aged between 18-24.

What are we doing to help?
Simplyweight is launching its own charitable arm known as “The Biggest Help” in order to fight hunger and reduce food insecurity in the UK (more details to come). For more information, please view our Biggest Help page and follow us on social media @thebiggesthelp. If you’d like to help in any way, please contact us at [email protected].

Project Thuja

Our very first project, #ProjectThuja, has been launched out of an immediate and urgent need to provide relief to the most vulnerable members of our society during the current Coronavirus pandemic. 

Project Thuja has been setup as a Covid-19 Aid for anyone over 65 years who is self-isolating. We aim to connect selfless volunteers from all parts of the country with those who need their help right now and those based in West Yorkshire who can physically support the cause.